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Among artists who were known, there were fewer women than men. In our time, the artist is seen as an independent worker, dedicated to the expression of a unique subjective experience.

Why was the artwork made? The goal of formal analysis is to understand how an artwork's form expresses its content. Mass: The solid parts of a three-dimensional object.

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By critical thinking, we do not mean "being critical" of something in the ordinary sense. Each of these considerations expands our understanding of a given work, even when we cannot know all the answers.

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Form refers to the arrangement, pattern, or structure of a work, how a work is presented to our senses. The process of learning to write essays, however, requires the at- tendance of an active teacher, one who attends the process and offers stimulat- ing questions, encouragement, and an informed sense of the possible. Iconography is the language of symbols. It will be wonderful. Arts and culture : an introduction to the humanities : combined volume In visual art, comparable elements would be line, color, and composition. The following analysis of The Scream by Edvard Munch fig. Two important questions underlie our choice of works in Arts and Culture: 1 What makes a work a masterpiece of its type? He was awarded the Cecil Woods Jr. Our families, too, deserve our thanks, for without their patience and understanding we could not have completed our work with equanimity and good humor. Share this page. Secondary colors orange, green, and purple are hues produced by mixing two primary colors. This process of investigation- this careful and exciting process of reading, analyzing, reflecting, formulating, and writing-provides the foundation for stu- I dents' work throughout his or her college career. This intense study of the evidence will help students move into more critical thinking.

Students are encour- aged to formulate fresh ideas for their own essays.

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