Writing a fable ks2 geography

Students produce an original fable, using narrative target language. Give them the necessary time to understand and memorise stress not word for word the Fable.

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Some fables links:. How do traditional tales and fables differ? Fables tell us a story and teach us a lesson at the same time and we've been hearing them, retelling them and writing them for over two thousand years.

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The resource is free to use. Target language: verbs describing direct speech; use of adverbs and present participles for extra information about the speaker; inversion of subject and verb for dramatic emphasis Time: Either as a two-hour lesson, two one-hour lessons or a one-hour lesson plus homework.

Free Aesop fables to listen to are available on the Storynory website. Most of our best-known fables are thought to have been written by a man called Aesop, who is believed to have been a slave in Ancient Greece around BC.

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Year 2/3 Fables Planning by harrie91