Write a program to add two numbers in qbasic

You could also try this: notepad testfile.

write a basic program to calculate the product of three numbers

This is sequential output. Comments are a good idea.

Qbasic program

FullName; ": "; Friend. Reading from a file The following program will get the name and print it on the screen: OPEN "testfile. Try changing the number to 2 or 5 and see what happens. Let's try adding another SUB. Blinking Adding 16 to a color number gives you a blinking version. NEXT loop. Print out copies of the program and the test results, keep them in a safe place as they are to be handed in.

Functions Functions are just like SUBs, but they return a value. Try changing the number to 2 or 5 and see what happens. Wouldn't it be nice to keep the program running and still be able to get input from the keyboard?

qbasic program to find the sum of five numbers

Dividing programs into smaller pieces like this will help you make sense out of big programs. You could use arrays to make a phone book program, or a program that keeps track of the people in your class at school.

qbasic download

Writing to a file The solution to this problem is to let the user enter their information, then the program will store that information in a file on the hard disk.

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QBASIC Adding Two Numbers Program by Bob Rowan on Prezi