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This is called as crosstalk due to inductions. Coax cables are highly resistant to noise due to the shielding which keeps most of the EM energy inside the surrounding conductive sheath. Electromagnetism which is wave guide used for high power applications is also considered as wired line. Network requirement for each application can be different, so choosing the right type of transmitting media is very crucial. Since the twisted pair wire is made of copper it is deemed to be the least expensive media communication tool. This functionality of coaxial wires allows transmitting analog signals over a broad range of frequencies. There are plenty different kinds of communication media channels currently used to satisfy the growing needs of people. It really comes down to speed cost, availability, current system requirement, its integration and future upgrade for growing needs for any particular user. The transportation of information is by light waves not by electricity, this avoid the interefence of electrical noise and degradation of the signal. The fiber optic consist of one or several thin fibers of glass or plastic of 50 to micrometers of diameter, we can say that it more or less of the thickness of a hair. We will write a custom essay sample on Wired Communication Media or any similar topic only for you Order Now Its existence is been recognized even before formal language came was formed. Therefore, despite the need for cables and additional central devices or unit requirements, Ethernet is still a relatively inexpensive high speed LAN alternative that also offers superior performance and reliability. Today there three types of wired media now, fiber-optic, coaxial, and twisted pair. Cisco Systems, Inc has presented a more in-depth and technical look at Ethernet.

It has a cylindrical region called nucleus which allows light propagation and the external zone of coaxial nucleus is called as coating, a plastic like cover. CAT- 6: Their cost is almost same as prior categories but can provide speeds up to Mbps.

These wires are no longer made up of metal, but glass.

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The main concern is transmission of virtual data from one machine to another. The photo diode on one cable end produces photons which travel at high speeds up to Gps through the glass tube before it is collected by the photo receptor on the other receiving end of the cable. Multimode grated-index fiber: the refrective index of nucleus gradually diminishes from center toward outside. The other conductor is a fine mesh made from braided copper. The fiber optic cable is made up of a cylindrical region called nucleus, through the light is propagated, the external zone of the coaxial nucleus is called coating. We work both with standard and non-standard systems. It has a refractive index of nucleus which gradually moves towards outside from center. Not particularly for the cable, since it is silicon based, but for the installation and necessary hardware, like converters or repeaters.

There are two types of fiber optic: 1 multimode fiber is divided in two categories: Multimode step-index fiber: is used in the conventional transference of images, as well as in the data transmission in short distance.

Fiber optics are capable of accommodating far more signals than the older copper wiring used in generations past, while still maintaining the integrity of the signal over longer distances.

Common wired media are twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, shielded twisted pair and optical fiber cable. However, there is some attenuation caused due to reflections and refractions of the photons over the glass tube.

Coaxial cables are classified into two major categories depending upon the type of data they can transmit.

wireless communication media

A point to point connection might be easier to wire. They are relatively impervious to adverse weather conditions when compared to wireless solutions. With some forms of wired services, the strength and speed of the transmission is superior to other solutions, such as satellite or microwave transmissions.

Wired communication media

These characteristics have allowed wired communications to remain popular, even as wireless solutions have continued to advance.

Provides speeds up to 1 Mbps.

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A type of them, wired media are briefly explained in the following section of this paper Kittler Because is much less susceptible to interference, it might carry much more data.

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