Why do you think it is important to evaluate information for relevancy reliability and bias

Coverage of the Web Documents Are the links if any evaluated and do they complement the documents' theme?

Criteria for evaluating information sources

A page without references still may be useful as an example of the ideas of an individual, organization, or business, but not as source of factual information. You should make sure you corroborate any position you find with other positions published in other sources, such as periodicals or books. Are there any footnotes, bibliographies, or lists of references that let you check the accuracy of statistics or factual information? Are there spelling, grammar or typographical errors? Regardless, you will want to know if the information is biased or not in order to make appropriate decisions on how to use it. These can be second-hand accounts of events, or interpretations of sources. If an individual claims that one of every 3 Americans have an alcohol problem, is it true that a third of all your friends and family members have a drinking problem? This may not be bad depending on your needs. Authority of Web Documents Who published the document and is it separate from the "Webmaster?

In this way you can discover where a position appears on the continuum. This attention to detail reflects an inherent quality. Is the author qualified to write on the topic? Can you verify the information from another reliable source?

For example, let's say you found an article in the online newspaper-The Truth at Last-stating how black slaves enjoyed the idea of slavery. Does your topic require current information, or will older sources work as well?

importance of evaluating information sources

Do they take responsibility for the content? Can the information be verified by other literature on the same topic? There have been incredible changes in search engine technology and new developments appear almost monthly.

ways of evaluating different sources of information

Is the information at an appropriate level i. Do you need an historical perspective?

evaluating sources definition

Where does your content come from? Although the article is very informative, its intent is to promote the products of particular companies.

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How to check your sources for credibility