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Light pollution Light pollution occurs because of the prominent excess illumination in some areas. They have deadly effects on many creatures including mammals, plants, amphibians, insects, and birds.

Conclusion: Population overgrowth and technology advancements have all led to the increase in demand for resources for optimum survival. Perhaps we have not yet felt the direct impact it has already had on our lives.

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Introduction This school based assessment is based on garbage pollution. The emission of these greenhouse gases and the global warming it causes has led to droughts, erratic rains and increased temperatures worldwide.

We should find some effective solutions in order to restore our ecological balance. Soil pollution[ change change source ] Soil pollution also known as land pollution is caused when man-made chemicals, such as hydrocarbons, heavy metalsand solvents, get into the soil.

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When crops are grown in the fields, their roots absorb these harmful toxicants through the contaminated soil and water. Although it is hard to realize the light and nuclear pollutions these are equally harmful.

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There is also the risk of sounds from these vehicles producing noise pollution. Energy-efficient bulbs, eco-friendly vehicles, use of solar and wind energy, are to name some. The schools which are beside the roads suffer from noise pollution. Respiratory illnesses, increase in asthma and cardiovascular diseases can be caused by an irritant for example, particulates that are below 10 micrometers in size. We would like to thank our honorable faculty member Fahmida Hasan for giving us the opportunity to make this term paper. Earth provides us so many natural resources for our health and growth. It also nurtures us.

These chemicals come from industrial activities and using chemical fertilizers and from improper waste in disposal in leaky landfills. No living organism can survive in the world without water. Not only are we killing off our animals, our food source, and our resources, we are also minimizing our usable water.

This is primary caused by smoke from factory stacks, chimneys, vehicles or even something very common like the burning of a log of wood.

India has committed itself to the effective implementation of the Paris agreement on climate change.

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