Torture in prison

Jail torture in india

Not one mentions anyone disciplined for torture. When he pets one dog, the other dog should act jealous. When I was released on January 8, , I joined the prisoner rehabilitation unit in the Labour Ministry. They stripped me naked and left me like that for days on end. She had diabetes and was receiving no medical attention. They have little or no access to medical care and prisoners frequently die as a result of completely preventable medical problems. I felt pain when I tried to use the bathroom for many days after that incident. I was very close to losing my mind. They splashed arak on the victims, a further insult to Muslims who abstained from alcohol. Mamlouk, the top security official, Mr. In some cases, people told us there could be more than 50 people in a cell as small as 3m by 3m. Even in prison, our fight for our rights never ceased.

Meryem Hileyf was detained on Sept. They didn't allow me to meet with a lawyer or even receive visits from the Red Cross.

They had me sleep on an old, dirty mattress that was as hard as nails.

mistreatment of prisoners in the us

They forced me to undress completely. These newly released photographs depicted prisoners crawling on the floor naked, being forced to perform sexual acts, and being covered in feces.

Torture in prisons around the world

These are the people we work with every day, and they represent us. They stripped me naked and left me like that for days on end. On entry to the room, the victims are blindfolded, and do not know that they are about to be killed. Eventually, she started coming inside my cell and would stay with me for hours. An ambulance brought her to Beir Al-Saba' prison, and I was taken in my shackles to see her. While the Syrian military, backed by Russia and Iran, fought armed rebels for territory, the government waged a ruthless war on civilians, throwing hundreds of thousands into filthy dungeons where thousands were tortured and killed. The problem is either we have to be with you or you kill us.

She later fled to rebel territory as a medic. This is wrong. Tens of thousands more have experienced shocking torture.

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Syria's Assad silenced dissent in secret torture prisons: Report