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Facilities 5. Identifying and deploying key personnel, getting know-how internally or externally from Consultants and aligning all resources is vital. Research Design 7. The role of human resource management in project-oriented organizations. Every time a new project or program is started, the human resource HR configuration of the organization changes. The end result is not casualty. Multi-level staffing also offers the opportunity to advance staffing theory. This review is no exception. Project Management Journal36 4 ,

However, there is still limited research evidence that links PM performance with the value resulting from investment in PM. Journal of Marketing70 1 Remaining questionnaire will consist of three constructs i. However, other more content- as opposed to measurement- oriented theories may offer additional insight.

Traditional HR processes need to be more insidious too and foster different and additional HR policies, standards, rules, and guidelines and a greater partnership with the project management professionals.

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The key is to start with the people first, other materials and facilities are useless without the right project team. There is a distinction between HRM in normal functional organizations and in organizations with projects.

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The more time the project takes to complete, the more complex it becomes, raising the risk of failure.

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