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This is only one case; there have been about 17 other senators who have been held up for criticism for poor attendance. What is significant is that Poland's modern Senatu has only been six years in existence, with amendments as recent as That being the case, the response would be to raise that lowest common denominator by our educational institutions, notably by our elementary schools.

how much power does the house of representatives have

The citizens elect two Senators from each state, regardless of size, for a term of six years. Get Essay The House is much lager then the Senate. The Senate should still function in the same way as it has in the past, with the power to accept, amend or reject bills passed by the House of Commons.

Since most of the debate recently has been over Quebec's recognition as a distinct society and protection of its culture, Quebec will certainly be opposed to having less power in the Senate, when in reality it desires more power.

It has checks over the Executive Branch by having the ability to override presidential vetoes, they may remove the president through impeachment, and the Senate approves treaties and presidential appointments.

Initially at considerable financial expense from their own pockets! Another function is oversight. Since the Senate remains independent from the executive branch of the government, timing of elections must be separate from parliamentary elections.

Another flaw in the Senate is that, due to appointment, the Upper House has been viewed as an old-folks home for retired politicians, having demonstrated faithful service for the party in power for many years.

what can the house of representatives do that the senate cannot

As well, any citizen may run for the Senatu, allowing for a more direct form of representation.

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The Role of the Senate and House of Representatives Essay