The role of the youth in establishing unity in a diversified multicultural society 2 essay

Others would see them as wanting to live in society without being a part of it, and would understandably refuse to identify with them.

Like the assimilations who are intensely suspicious of differences, the interrogations are hostile to separation, and they are sometimes equally extreme in their demands.

The war had affect thousands of families in almost half a month.

role of youth in unity

However, such cross-linguistic fertilisation is becoming increasingly rare and it is now increasingly thought that Singapore has four sub-literatures instead of one.

The distinct body of literature offers a glimpse of the multi-cultural society and is also the literature of their specific languages. Integrations also feel worried if immigrants retain a strong sense of commitment to their country of origin, reproduce its political introversion, direct some of their philanthropic activities there, and so on.

Because we know that despite of having differences we share a common characteristic; we are all human.

importance of unity in diversity

However it too takes integration as its ultimate goal and largely differs only in the means to it. We must teach responsibility and goal setting.

It is also the case that as people live together, they develop similar habits, interests, tastes, etc. In conclusion, the youth is the backbone of a country. This is reinforced by the breakdown in the traditional moral consensus, which both requires and makes space for individual choices. The demands of indigenous peoples, territorially concentrated national minorities, immigrants, etc. As a teen, I agree. Literature in all four official languages has been translated and showcased in publications such as the literary journal Singa, that was published in the s and s with editors including Edwin Thumboo and Koh Buck Song, as well as in multilingual anthologies such as Rhythms: A Singaporean Millennial Anthology Of Poetry , in which the poems were all translated three times each into the three languages. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. With teenage unemployment soaring, young people can no longer influence the world with their wallets. The social and political structure of a society is the product of its history and reflects the current egalitarianism of its members. A Muslim immigrant, for example, might refuse to take an oath on the Bible or want time off for the Friday prayer; a Sikh boy might be averse to going to school without his turban, and so on. They leave it to the immigrants to work out their complex dialectic in their own ways and at their own pace.

Assimilations is also open to other objections.

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The role of the youth in establishing unity