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After a local gas station called and said they had one of the ransom bills in their possession, police were led to Richard Hauptmann. Military colonels offered their aid, although only one had law enforcement expertise— Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf , superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. To the public, he had become a suspect and in some circles was vilified. A filling attendant had received the certificate from a man whose description was strikingly similar to that of others of a man passing Lindbergh notes in recent weeks. The man said his name was John, and he related his story: He was a "Scandinavian" sailor, part of a gang of three men and two women. Hauptmann was positively identified as the man to whom the ransom money was delivered. Ten weeks after the kidnapping, on May 15, the body of a toddler was found partially buried in the woods near the Lindbergh home. Franklin D. On May 13, however, Pres. Erastus Mead Hudson, applied the then-rare silver nitrate fingerprint process to the ladder, and did not find Hauptmann's fingerprints, even in places that the maker of the ladder must have touched. Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police Department, along with Lindbergh, theorized that the Lindbergh kidnapping was part of an organized crime ring rather than a single perpetrator seeking the ransom money. The certificate was tracked back to a gas station.

Lindbergh quickly endorsed the duo and appointed them his intermediaries to deal with the mob. Lindbergh kidnapping wanted poster.

Lindbergh Jr. Norman Schwarzkopf of the New Jersey State Police was nominally the lead investigator in the case, control of many of the details was ceded to Lindbergh.

John F.

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Condon's actions were also criticized as exploitative when he agreed to appear in a vaudeville act regarding the kidnapping. He was electrocuted on April 3, , just over four years after the kidnapping. First, in , as a result of the Depression, an executive order was enacted stating that all gold certificates be returned to the treasury. Notwithstanding all of the books, TV programs, and legal suits, Hauptmann is as guilty today as he was in when he kidnapped and killed the son of Mr. According to Condon, the man sounded foreign but stayed in the shadows during the conversation, and Condon was thus unable to get a close look at his face. Norman Schwarzkopf. Hauptmann's attorneys appealed to the New Jersey Court of Errors and Appeals , then the state's highest court; the appeal was argued on June 29, Y penciled in the bill's margin allowed it to be traced to a nearby gas station. And indeed, it is hard to find many figures who seized the public attention while occupying drastically different roles — but Charles Augustus Lindbergh is one. For more information, please visit:. Ransom payment[ edit ] The ransom was packaged in a wooden box that was custom-made in the hope that it could later be identified.

Judge Thomas Whitaker Trenchard presided over the trial. For more information, please visit:. A break in the case came on the day that the gold certificates, which made up a large sum of the ransom, were ordered to be turned in for other bills.

Though kidnappings were usually dealt with among local authorities, Hoover assigned the entire Bureau of Investigation not yet Federal to the case and authorized them to work with the New Jersey police.

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It was reported that she appeared nervous and suspicious when questioned. Lindbergh positioned himself at the head of investigation without much resistance from Schwarzkopf. In the end, the official culprit named was Richard Hauptmann, an immigrant from Germany who had a criminal record back in his homeland.

During this time, the Lindberghs were building a house in a remote area near the town of Hopewell, New Jersey. Fisher, Jim.

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The Lindbergh Baby