The drover s wife analysis

The drover's wife lives secluded in a harsh environment. Bush its wide uncultivated expanse represents lifeless solitude but it provides a certain freedom. She hopes to see her husband again and hope that nothing bad has happened to him. The narrator is third-person omniscient, so we have access to the drover's wife's thoughts, but we do not see the events play out in real time.

the drovers wife personality

She put on an old pair of her husband's trousers and tried to beat out the fire with a green tree branch. The use of the feminine gender indicates the prejudice against women at that time.

They each hold its own period in which they occur.

the drovers wife character analysis

They are a continuous cycle in her life. The dog captures the snake.

the drovers wife annotations

Lawson also appears to be exploring the theme of aspirations. This does several things.

The drovers wife feminist analysis

Lawson was deeply interested in the effects of the harsh Australian outback on people's lives, having himself spent 18 months in the bush. We see him through the eyes of his wife, and although she does not seem like a woman prone to exaggeration or sentimentalism, it's still the case that we never get to judge him for ourselves. This may be important as isolation would often be connected with struggle. The drover's wife is alone in the bush and has lost all of her girlish hopes and dreams and has nothing but struggle and adversity to contend with. Narrator The essence of the drover's wife's life is captured in this line, as is the theme of woman's struggle. They are Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter. Alligator jumps toward it, first missing it, and then finally catching it and shaking it to death, breaking its back and crushing its head. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations It is nearing morning, and the bushwoman realizes that she is out of candles, so she goes to fetch some wood to burn from the woodpile. The protagonist, Gracie, is dying of cancer, while her husband and children live in denial and try their best to carry on with their lives. Bail's drover's wife has not seen her husband for 30 years and is separated from him by her own choice. This essay will explore both of these women and will support the thesis that both represent archetypes of the strong, independent ideal of Australian women. Reappearance of the snake as dawn approaches. They are a continuous cycle in her life.
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An Analysis of 'The Drover's Wife' by Henry Lawson