The architectural characteristics of the temples and pyramids in ancient egypt

The second pylon opens onto the Hypostyle Court which measures feet meters by feet 52 meters. It is about metres feet wide at the base and metres feet high.

egyptian architecture ppt

Originally, any pyramid began as a step pyramid. Accompanying the apartments, that presumably housed the royal cohort and foreign guests, was a large throne room connected to smaller chambers, for storage, waiting, and smaller audiences.

From the pyramids at Giza to the Temple of Amun at Karnak, the Egyptians oriented their buildings according to the cardinal points and in keeping with celestial events.

It served as both a fortress and a port on the Mediterranean coast. Introduction The architecture of Ancient Egypt - a country of two parts, Upper and Lower Egypt - reflected two fundamental characteristics of Egyptian culture.

It is the oldest and largest of the three tombs in the Giza Necropolis.

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Characteristics of Ancient Egyptian Architecture by Dale Dunlop