Tectonic architecture studio

studying tectonics in architecture

This happened to the details of the classical orders as they moved from wood construction to stone construction. Further examining cultural uses of material, one sees a more fragmented and heterogeneous architecture heavily influenced by digital tools. But what is liveability?

tectonic thinking in architecture

Timber in China was once part of a developed and sophisticated architectural language which participated in the construction of housing and cultural buildings.

The program has expanded to include architecture students from Southeast University. This calls for renewed engagement with the fragile but vital question of the ambiance of the built environment.

Tectonic architecture studio

Summary of studio intent The studio will use iterative sequence of projects will acquaint students with the extent to which material logic contributes to both enduring value and meaningful invention in the discipline.

Instead of dealing with climate prospects and urban densification as even more conditions to comply with, this perspective provides a potential for developing new continuous, liveable environments for citizens through an integration or linkage across the architectural and the urban domains.

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