Techniques of controlled writing activities

Celce-Marcia, M. Example: I am I like 4.

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A: Controlled Writing Activities At elementary level students should be given exercises which require them to think and add something of their own; but exercises at this level should still be controlled, so that students do not make too many mistakes. Students should accept messy drafts as a positive stage in writing. Make sure that they understand the relationships that are implied by these connectives. Men — horses — horses racing — sport — like. This technique often works best if the teacher provides an opening clause or sentence for the students to start with. Omaggio Hadley ; on the other hand, recommended a kind of communicative practice that precedes the actual writing task in order to provide support to ELLs who have lower English proficiency and build their confidence. He went in to fix her heater. Appropriately accomplish the communicative functions of written texts according to form and purpose.

She attended the Summer Literary Seminar in St. By the help of the teacher and a lot of exercises, the students will be able to improve their ability in writing.

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Key words: controlled writing, beginner, writing class. Free writing As soon as the students have mastered basic skills of sentence writing, they need to progress beyond very controlled writing exercises to freer paragraph and essay writing.

It is an activity that is really useful for helping learners to write more fluently and can also help you to diagnose problems with your students' written work and ability to formulate questions. Teachers should advise learners to write down their ideas first, and then correct spelling and grammar.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Writing is part of skills that the students must learn in class. Sydney: Macquarie University. As their confidence and interest grow, less guided activities will encourage them to write more confidently.

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Some exercises that can help the students are controlled writing. This skill seems to be the most difficult for some of the students who learn English as second or foreign language. According to Kroll as cited by Celce-Marcia one way is to consider some assignments as timed writing, written in a given time framework, submitted, and responded to as final products in class. A combination of two or more of the methods mentioned above, depending on what they perceive to be the needs of the student 5. Teachers must decide where the writing is to be produced: in class or at home. It can be done individually, in pairs or groups of students. My name is … C. B: Guided practice 1. Students have to put the words in the right order. Exercise 3: Ask the students to rewrite the story and add other information related to the main character Helen. Everything was on the floor. Then add transition words to make a good paragraph. Before the final draft submitted, the students can help each other by proofreading and editing. Here, the instructor can play an important role in making this skill an enjoyable one for the students.

Oxford: Oxford University Press. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

techniques of controlled writing activities

Kroll as cited by Celce-Marcia suggested the following guidelines: 1.

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