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In contrast, tactical supply-chain planning is short- or medium-term in scope and impact, with supply-chain planners using past demand to make forecasts for the near term and adjusting these forecasts on the basis of market intelligence or planned promotions. Please let me know in the comments below! But is it that simple?! Image of page 3 below: You may download the whole business plan in PDF-format click on the icon to the left. Arntzen, G. Creating model scenarios is straightforward and involves little creativity or discussion. The goal of minimizing total supply-chain costs — for manufacturing, storage and handling, and transportation — is narrower.

They must be able to be reliably applied across the supply chain. Geoffrion and R.

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The models make recommendations that both minimize costs and help companies meet forecasted demand without exceeding production and distribution capacity. Phase Two: Scenario Planning In Phase Two, the supply-chain team runs the model scenarios and makes scenario-specific recommendations. By the end of this post, you should feel less overwhelmed and more confident about how to take your supply chain to the next level. Meanwhile, a new day would dawn for PVC exports to Asia, where an overwhelming need for buildings, water and sewer lines would increase demand for 20 years despite environmental issues. Only through a seamless process that encompasses those who are developing strategy and those who are using detailed supply-chain models can companies align their business strategy and their supply chain. Supply chain plans must have the following qualities: They must ensure end-to-end management of the supply chain. Frayer and R. Breitman and J. Often, supply chain initiatives that require capital expenditure are in competition for the same funds as other projects. Because tactical planners can identify beforehand possible decisions and factors that might affect these decisions — and can build those elements into the software — they can use optimization models that rely on mathematical techniques. Drive Consignment inventory or Vendor Manage Inventory programme with key strategic suppliers. Building scenarios is more art than science. Also published as H. See M.

Most of us have read or heard of this strategy definition at some point in some variation. Having executives who formulate business strategy participate in scenario planning was critical to the final decisions, which undoubtedly would have been different had the company used only supply-chain optimization modeling.

Others remain aloof, relying first on consultants and later ignoring the scenarios when making decisions.

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Thus supply-chain management has evolved from a function garnering little attention or prestige to a highly visible and respected one. Image of page 3 below: You may download the whole business plan in PDF-format click on the icon to the left.

What I am talking about, though, is learning from those who have come before you.

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