Sula feminism

In the essay, she analyzes her own work including the Bluest Eye and another novel titled Sula. A carefree does as she pleases without the worry of what other people may think of her, type woman.

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The two main characters of this novel are Nel Wright and Sula Peace Morrison, however, stays frank about the fragility of marriage. She later expanded the short story as her first novel, "The Bluest Eye" in Sula is what many women wish to be today; especially feminist.

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Has the act of feminism become an excuse for women to act out because we have rights? Feminism used to be about equal rights for jobs and voting and important matters.

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Feminism has been in society for decades. If we stuck to the biblical meaning of a woman, women could still have equal rights without being degraded.

Sula feminism

Author: Brandon Johnson. A number of the women in Sula were married, represented by an anonymous chorus of women who held themselves in esteem for having and maintaining relationships with frequently wayward husbands. Nel, her family, and the rest of the community treat their men as if they could do no wrong. When she slept with white men people looked at her with disgust and turned from her. In her comparison of good and evil, Sula states that "Being good to somebody is just like being mean to somebody. This speaks to a tension between education and marriage as a means for upward mobility for Black women. She leaves and goes to college, to come back years later and cause chaos in the bottoms. Toni Morrison argues that a woman does not need a man. Why is it that a man may have sex as he pleases but a woman is looked down upon for doing the same.
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Black Feminism in Sula by Toni Morrison