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New York: Peter Lang, The story also uses the symbol of the bear representing Arkansas as the natural and big state. Justus, James H. This work employs two narrative voices: Lyman Hall tall tale voice and Abraham Baldwin, a conservative, commonsense character;. Often an element of triumphant trickster, or the trickster who is himself tricked or bested in a trade. The humorous story depends for its effect upon the manner of telling; the comic and the witty story upon the matter. The second theme that will be discussed and analyzed is through the political and historical perspective of the short story. The writers of southwestern humor were, generally, socially prominent white men—planters, lawyers, judges, physicians, journalists, and politicians. In fact, the very basis of the short story shows Arkansas and its social, political, and historical tradition through the character of the 'bear. The South is seen as a moving target, progressing continuously into uncharted frontier territory, its center continually pressed towards uneasy edges, its safe, established mental contours confronting increasingly crude, disrespectful threats. Southwestern Humor in American Literature Southwestern Humor in 19th Century American Literature During the period of , a new genre in America literature has emerged, which is called the Southwestern Humor genre.

They claimed him as their own red-blooded, per cent typical American, and brought in Eastern ghost writers when his powers began to fail. This new, extensively revised edition includes an expanded introduction, a dozen replacement sections, an updated bibliography, and works by three new writers-Phillip B.

There were political undertones in nearly all of the Southwestern authors.

Five men are known as pioneers of this writing style. Thorpe, who moved to Louisiana from New York in , edited or co-edited the Southern Sportsman, Concordia Intelligencer, and Louisiana Conservator, among other papers. But this signifies no mere overflowing of high spirits and good nature. The extreme qualities Doggett assign to Arkansas shows how the state dominates over the other states, perceiving the place as the 'leader' among all the states of the country. The American humorist is typically e. The forms of Southwestern humor typically included the following: The sketch The anecdote. It meant the victory of the masculine tone in the novel, hitherto regarded as a feminine entertainment—the way was open for Stephen Crane, Dreiser, and Sherwood Anderson. They are 1 to , 2 to , 3 , and 4 to present. One particular narrative in Jim Doggett's story is his description of Arkansas: "Arkansaw is large, her varmints ar large, her trees ar large, her rivers ar large, and a small mosquito would be of no more use in Arkansaw than preaching in a cane-brake. Lewis, Henry Clay Author Between and , southwestern humor—also known as antebellum southern humor, southern backwoods or frontier humor, and the humor of the old South—flourished in the southeastern United States. The second theme in the story that illustrated the social situation of the characters in the story shows the conflict that occurs between nature and human civilization and development.

Almost exclusively a white male literaturewritten for an intended audience of educated men. Witnessing the case of Mark Twain, one is almost relieved that, despite the abundance of American humor, we have had only this one truly great humorist. Therefore they distanced themselves from the common folk that they observed and wrote about.

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The "Big Bear," larger than any on record, was hunted Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Lewis served as a frontier doctor in northeastern Louisiana and often drew on his personal experiences in his fiction. This paper will discuss these three themes in accordance to its social, political, and psychological perspectives.

In his narrative of his life as a hunter of bears in Arkansas, Jim Doggett explains how bear-hunting is a preferable industry over planting in Arkansas.

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Southwestern Humor