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This led to the development of a variety of other occupations. As society developed, bigger and more powerful governments were needed.

Now trade goods could be loaded into carts and pushed through the city to market.

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A civilization is a society that has cities, a central government run by official leaders, and workers who specialize in various jobs. New tools and ideas from one society soon spread to other societies as people traded information and ideas along with goods.

During the Old Stone Age, early humans did not yet know how to farm.

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Below them were the artisans, small traders, and merchants. I am sorry but who can afford to purchase a copy for each member? Writing, art, and architecture also characterize a civilization. In the Old Stone Age, people obtained food by hunting and gathering.

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It afforded us the opportunity to address how we arrive at our pricing which others have asked along the way. Regarding sharing, we currently do not offer books digitally since the best existing platforms take a high percentage of each sale which would effectively raise, and not lower, our prices to cover our costs. Later, they settled down and began the practice of farming. First Time User Published by Mrs. UIL Social Studies Notes takes three writers and three separate editors, and we spend at least three months annually to develop the product. Again, we recommend the team set of five or more as your best option for a reduced per-volume rate. When food was scarce, many died of starvation or were sickly due to the lack of enough nutrition. Initially, excess food allowed populations to grow.
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7th Grade Social Studies / Unit I Notes