Science project hypothesis

Testable hypothesis examples

Before you make a hypothesis, you have to clearly identify the question you are interested in studying. How will the number of worms effect the growth of 3 plants in one week with the same amount of sunlight and water. A hypothesis is sometimes described as an educated guess. Does an electric motor turn faster if you increase the current? My hypothesis is 'I think the aluminum bat will hit the whiffle ball the farthest'. Examples of suitable project ideas include: Determine whether insects are attracted to lights at night because of their heat or their light. AshtonV 1.

An ice cube made with tap water will melt in less than 30 minutes in a room at sea level with a temperature of 20C or 68F. My hypothesis is that the dog will run faster then the cat.

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How to write a hypothesis statement

My hypothesis is that the Guinea Pig will prefer the pellets. Question What happens when you put water on Skittles? The big focus on these projects is on originality, so while you might build on a project idea, don't just use one someone else has already done. What went wrong? Updated June 24, Science fair is an opportunity for students of all ages to ask big questions, conduct meaningful research, and make exciting discoveries. Look at flowers. A look at the work of Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, more than years apart, shows good hypothesis-writing in action. Formalized hypotheses contain two variables. I think that the nickel will destroy it the fastest. If I replace the battery in my car, then my car will get better gas mileage. If you ever find a link that you feel is inappropriate, please let us know. Problem: Which meat will dissolve the most in 5 days with the same amount of coke? Are goldfish water chemicals really necessary? I think the 30 minutes will make the egg bounce more.

You could read a book, do a bit of Google searching, or even ask an expert. Put the Skittles in a circle in the order of colors in a rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, purple on a white plate.

I think that shooting at your chin will be the highest.

Science project hypothesis

Kids should try to come up with their own project ideas, based on topics that interest them. A guess? KoreyW Which fruit juice will ferment the most? My problem statement is: Which type of food does a Guinea Pig prefer? My hypothesis is 'I think the aluminum bat will hit the whiffle ball the farthest'. How could the timing of a traffic light be changed to improve intersection safety. Which is why scientists only support or not their hypothesis with data, rather than proving them.

A hypothesis is a statement, not a question. How big will the bacteria get from the different detergents? Preschool Science Project Ideas Preschool is not too early to introduce children to science!

what is a hypothesis in science
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