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This A Comparison of Values in The Rich Brother by Tobias Wolff words - 3 pages turn to go to the store he gave away all the groceries to a family that he thought was more in need than himself. In fact both are true in this closing scene; his excitement, which borders on fear, is his response to the strangeness between his wife and himself, and in the moment, in the course of what has become their game, she is a stranger. Most of those marriages break up. She had that look now. He wiped the counters and the stove and scoured the linoleum where the drop of blood had fallen. The way in which Wolff describes the carrying out of these chores expresses the subtle tensions building between the couple over the course of the evening. In the following essay, she discusses the disparity between ideas of normalcy and actual events. The boy and his father are quite different in personality, however the boy learns to admire his father and see him as a model of enjoying life to the fullest, without worrying over consequences Lying in bed, in the darkness, he hears his wife move through the room. What would all that stuff matter then?

As already mentioned, he is at fault for prolonging the argument, and once involved in it, he seems to make no effort to get himself and his wife to gracefully acquit themselves. This examination of his history and the ideas he has invested about himself and his wife, accurate or not, reverse the destabilizing effect of the argument, and he feels returned to himself.

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The show implies that homosexual males such as Kurt should be bullied and belittled in the belief that being attracted to the same gender is not considered normal. The husband seems to recognize this truth, for instead of heaving rocks at them, like he usually does, he lets them go away unharmed.

They are, every one of them, interested in what it means to be human. They often worked in middle management, banking, the law, or the high-tech fields.

African Americans and Hispanics had a harder time getting and keeping jobs than did white Americans; they were often the last hired and the first fired. The rivalry between siblings is often very competitive, but at the same time similar to magnets. In this story plot, point of view and irony reveal a married couple that becomes strangers. This revelation, around which the story centers, indicates a great deal about the character of the husband, as does the ways he expresses these ideas. Actually it made him talk more. They write about what happens between men and women, parents and children. A Changing America During the s, Americans were increasingly spending more money on leisure and entertainment activities, such as sporting events, movies, and health clubs. They were doing the dishes, his wife washing while he dried. An Analytical View of Gender from Glee by Donald LeBlanc words - 5 pages often bullied by the football team, his classmates and even teachers. The husband likewise responds to this hurtful magazine-page flipping through a retaliatory cleaning of the kitchen. Raymond Carver is credited as a major force in the revitalization of the short story in the late twentieth century. Write a scene that takes place the following day. They remind us that our house is built on sand. Race Relations During the s, civil rights policies and legislation from previous years were attacked and sometimes reversed. There is a long pause before he hears her move in the dark across the room, a further extension of what is now explicit sexual tension between them.

The wife, however, severely questions this stance. Tobias Wolff leaves readers pondering as he not only chooses the most pessimistic turn of events, but closes this writing with a dismal ending.

On the surface, they engage in an argument, but their shifts in language make the argument bigger than it actually is to either of them. By the end of the story, the husband demonstrates yet another shift in mood: excitement as he realizes that, in certain ways, his wife is unknowable to him. However, although many sociologists had proclaimed their belief that people would have more leisure time, this did not come to fruition; instead, most people worked more hours but had less money to show for it. Jennifer Lynch Lynch is a freelance writer living in northern New Mexico. Can you come up with a hypothesis for your findings? Following this, Harry and Edna arrive. The decade opened with riots in Miami, following the acquittal of four white police officers in the beating death of an African-American man and ended in with the fatal shooting of a sixteen-year-old African-American boy by young white men. His cleaning demonstrates not only a show of indifference, but also his effort to show upright character, and to clean up what feels like a mess between them. They had extraneous income to spend on household extravagances. In the s, more blue collar workers were slipping through to the lowest layers of the middle or even to the lower class. When the wife cuts her thumb on a knife in the dishwater, the discussion is temporarily halted.

The husband asserts that he does not approve of such unions, maintaining that this is not due to racism but because of what he believes to be the insurmountable cultural differences between black and white people.

She does venture into their bedroom, where her husband is already in bed, but only on the condition that her husband turn off the light.

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When leaving the restaurant, Tub realizes he had lost the directions to the hospital, Frank then responds saying he knows the way. They are a source of comfort and support warmth, security and protection, and they help each of their children to make sense of the world in which their live.

The author shows many different characters within the book. Liz Brent Brent has a Ph.

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