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This is not a complete work on writing dissertations, nor could it be; the scope would be overwhelming. Researching and writing a thesis or dissertation should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience—one students can comprehend and most of all complete.

She not only encourages them to share their research findings broadly but also challenges the students to use their experience to mentor others undertaking the rigors of a doctoral degree. Completing a dissertation changes your life. Similar Items. In addition, there is considerable diversity among the preferences of advisors and departments within a university. I am indebted to many people who provided these necessities, which helped make this book a reality. Packed with both helpful general suggestions and specific tips, tricks, and techniques tailored to the needs of doctoral students, The Dissertation Journey includes checklists, sample forms, time management advice, the latest insights to making use of technology, recommendations for support groups, lists of resources for further inquiry, and much more The Dissertation Journey is especially recommended reading for anyone approaching or hard at work on their own dissertation. Furthermore, the section that Dr. The climb tests your mettle and challenges your resolve, but once you complete it and experience the magnificent view from the top, you realize the rewards far outweigh the effort. Roberts is to be congratulated for adding this important work to the field. It is my hope that you catch summit fever and become utterly motivated to reach the top. Plus, I speak about those critical issues related to the personal and social side of dissertating organization, time management, human relations, etc. They become ABDs all-but-dissertation.

They freely share their wisdom and knowledge, from which I learn so much. English Includes bibliographical references pages and index I: Quests and questions -- Do you have what it takes? From selecting a topic, to choosing a committee, to deciding what research approach to use, to the actual writing and defense of the dissertation, Dr.

For the second edition, I wish to thank Donna Bentley, Librarian at the University of La Verne, for her valuable help in revising and updating the Internet and technology resources.

It requires commitment, perseverance, stamina, and mental toughness—more than you ever thought you had. I expanded the steps in conducting a literature review [Page xi]from four to eight and added considerably more detail to the process. Not only does Dr. The style is personal, informal, and conversational—much like a coach talking one-on-one with a student. It is fraught with hazards and obstacles along the path that can dampen your spirit. I particularly appreciate how she methodically takes students through each chapter that will comprise the dissertation, not only providing an overview of what each should contain but also offering helpful suggestions and checklists to reinforce what constitutes a good dissertation. Roberts is to be congratulated for adding this important work to the field. I am most appreciative of the assistance and contributions of my professional colleagues in the University of La Verne's Doctoral Program in Organizational Leadership, with whom I have worked for the past 22 years.

Read more There is no doubt that, if doctoral students and their advisors will use this composition as a guide in developing dissertations, the quality of research in higher education across the country will be immensely enhanced. New information about the process, importance, and purpose of developing a theoretical or conceptual framework.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Drs. Roberts focuses on the practical aspects of writing and organizing a dissertation, as well as the psychological and emotional hurdles involved.

It eliminates the need to answer over and over again those questions that students routinely ask. In these pages, I speak to you informally as an [Page xv]advisor and friend about the entire dissertation process.

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Finally, Dr.

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