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The team easily won the gold medal, winning their eight games by an average margin of In the fall ofJordan relinquished these roles to return to the court once more.

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In his first season he was named to the All-Star team and was later honored as the league's Rookie of the Year. He retired again in only to return in to play for the Washington Wizards. He averaged a Finals-record Jordan has signed many profitable contracts to endorse commercial products such as NikePepsiGatoradeand many more.

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They win the NCAA championship in Robert Lipsyte, a legendary sports reporter, award winning young adult novelist and an outspoken critic of the sports world. Brooklyn, New York African American basketball player Basketball superstar Michael Jordan is one of the most successful, popular, and wealthy athletes in college, Olympic, and professional sports history.

After one lackluster season with the minor league Birmingham Barons, Michael reasonably decided for his return to basketball and to the Bulls.

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He was outstanding in his performances and there was none to stand in front of him. Jordan was named Finals MVP for the second year in a row [52] and finished the series averaging

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Ability, aptitude, work ethic. Myles Cullen What does Michael Jordan do now? In just nine seasons he had become the Bulls all-time leading scorer. He later decided to return to basketball. In his final game played, he scored the final shot against the 76ers. Off the court, Michael set up his own charity foundation, and helps poor children in violent neighborhoods. Illness, injury, and at times a lack of concentration hurt the team. His previous number, 23, had already been retired. He becomes the second black majority owner of a major professional sports team.
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