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Finally, important developments and topics in law and economics analysis will be documented and examined in special issues dedicated to that subject. It embraces interrelationships between economics and procedural or substantive law including international and European Community law and also legal institutions, jurisprudence, and legal and politico — legal theory.

The Journal publishes analytical studies on the impact of legal interventions into economic processes by legislators, courts and regulatory agencies. Its approach is broad-ranging with respect both to methodology and to subject matter.

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Journal of Advanced Research in Law and Economics publishes theoretical and empirical peer-reviewed research in law and economics-related subjects. There is an emphasis on European Community law and the comparative analysis of legal structures and legal problem solutions in member states of the European Community.

To explore the various understandings that economic approaches shed on legal institutions, the Review applies to legal issues the insights developed in economic disciplines such as microeconomics and game theory, finance, econometrics, and decision theory, as well as in related disciplines such as political economy and public choice, behavioral economics and social psychology.

The Journal explores the various understandings that economic approaches shed on legal institutions. The quarterly Journal reaches an international community of scholars in Law and Economics.

The European Journal of Law and Economics provides readers with high quality and empirical research in law and economics. The editors are particularly interested in papers discussing the institutional and legal prerequisites for efficient market operation both in the European Community and in the new European market economies.

Moreover, Journal of Advanced Research in Law and Economics publishes research on a broad range of topics including the economic analysis of regulation and the behavior of regulated firms, the political economy of legislation and legislative processes, law and finance, corporate finance and governance, and industrial organization.

The Journal also publishes literature surveys, review articles, and book reviews and notes. The ideal article exploits the large institutional diversity in European legal reality in order to build a more robust body of theory.

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European Journal of Law and Economics