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Project objectives, timescales and budgets will be precisely defined from the outset. Does magnetism affect the growth of plants?

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The book is filled with essays, poems and journal entries about the challenges nursing students face. The "B Home," as its name suggests, is inspired by the honeycomb, and it is designed so it can be stacked with other B Homes, to form the shape of a beehive.

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Does seed size affect the growth rate or final size of a plant? A well-designed project at the college level can open the door to future educational and career opportunities, so it pays to put some thought and effort into your topic. Are certain preservatives better at inhibiting dangerous molds than others? Before adding over 2, books, they also repaired the library shelves. If college students participated in these recycling programs, what would be the effect on cost, the environment? Factors you can control include the type of seeds, length of storage and the temperature of storage, light, and humidity. How much variation is there in any given product? Afterward, the group took their knowledge to a defunct library, which they plumbed, painted and decorated. Internship or consulting project? The individuals involved in these community-based projects are humanitarians, thinkers and innovators -- and also real-life learners. Instead of waiting for their careers to make a difference in the world, these college students are having an impact already.

Purdue University : Open Compute Project. Students will have access to several faculty advisors.

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Seven Cornell students jumped onto a percent carbon offset bus to spread the word about sustainability. How much can you dilute a pesticide while retaining its effectiveness?

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10 Awesome College Student Projects