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I had always wondered how long it took for Indian brides to look so fabulous! I was so eager to get completely involved in every part and so the family had a lot of fun showing me how to do things and teaching me about their culture.

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That's because Michael has insisted on having his stag party after the wedding Luckily for her, his dressed sense improved -even if his taste in music didn't.

Of course, that worry disappeared as soon as I caught sight of the lunch spread. And yes, we were cute. Well you are not going to get away quite as easily as that, but I will try to be brief Your first step is to set a budget.

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Loves cooking, hosting parties, exploring new places. However, written words can also show how much two friends care for each other. On behalf of the bridesmaids, I must thank Donald for his kind words. I appreciate that I am just one of many equally suitable close friends that he could well have chosen. But we're 37 and 38 now. I would like to start by thanking Eric, on behalf of the bridesmaids, for his kind words. We all have watched and grown up with the classic Disney movies that not only entertain children, but are influenced by what we see. What have I done to be blessed with such an honour? Ladies and Gentlemen, I think you will all agree we see before us today a very smart and presentable young man - a brother I am truly proud of. The White Stripes would play, followed by Sade. Oh dear. Gabrielle Zevin says that despite the title of her piece, she really isn't anti-marriage. That is the reason I?
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The Bride in Her Head