Light and electron microscopes essay

Light and electron microscopes essay

Once the specimen has been placed in an araldite resin, it is dried to form a solid block and then cut to slices 90nm thick using an ultra-microtome. The part of the specimen that scientist want to view will need to be dissected, this can either be done manually be simply cutting away unwanted parts or chemically by dissolving tissue leaving behind the skeletal structure to be viewed.

Disadvantages[ edit ] Jeol Transmission and scanning electron microscope made in the mids Electron microscopes are expensive to build and maintain, but the capital and running costs of confocal light microscope systems now overlaps with those of basic electron microscopes.

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The specimen is then dehydrated using either alcohol or acetone, this ensures the specimen will not collapse when mounted. The ocular lens is placed near to the viewer's eye.

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Organisms live, grow, and die in the pond This mixture is applied to a suitably coated EM grid, blotted, then allowed to dry. The main advantage of the light microscope over the electron is that images are produced in colour, which gives greater clarity in identifying different parts of the specimen.

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Electron Microscope Essay