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And the recycled resin we produce can be used by anyone, not just Unilever. And we want to change it. It is clear that urgent action is needed on multiple fronts. As a result, the value of materials, including plastics, is not lost by being thrown away. Spotlight Closing the loop on sachet waste A technological breakthrough and a multi-stakeholder effort to increase recycling — this is the kind of combined approach that we believe will make the circular economy a reality. The organic waste collection works quite well in Italy, so biodegradable and compostable packaging makes sense and consumers like that option. In , 2, community waste banks with over , members collected 7, tonnes of packaging waste, worth Instead of the classic one-litre ice cream container, the current trend is also towards smaller packaging with a volume of up to millilitres. In we launched Sunsilk's tri-layer bottle, Seda Pretos Luminosos.

Swimming pool. Additionally, we optimised the rest of the packaging.

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Spotlight Reduction by redesign: using less packaging While we look for ways to develop completely new packaging solutions, we're also focusing on using lighter, stronger and better materials which have a lower environmental impact. In China, as in most countries, the majority of ice cream cartons are laminated to survive freezer temperatures.

And the problem is set to get worse. That ranges from ensuring we use recyclable materials at the outset and making them recyclable after use, to tackling wider infrastructural issues such as local collection and sorting facilities and building the technical and commercial viability of reprocessing them at scale.

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Healthy ice cream in a cup. Specially designed lid Not only the bowl but also its lid is made from the same, compostable paperboard from Stora Enso, which provides excellent print quality to showcase the brand.

In partnership with the global recycling organisation TerraCyclesubscribers can receive their food in tailor-made, durable reusable packaging at the front door and return it emptied. The materials differ for each product, but most use glass or aluminium and all are fully recyclable.

Greater manufacturer demand for PCR materials will produce an increasingly attractive business case for re-processing services. In France for example, we are piloting a laundry detergent dispensing machine in supermarkets for our Skip and Persil laundry brands to eliminate single-use plastic.

That means we can take any type of PET waste, then break it down to remove colour and impurities.

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We're looking at new packaging formats and alternative models of consumption, such as introducing cardboard packaging for deodorant sticks. And byit aims to develop a collection, sorting and reprocessing infrastructure for post-consumer flexible packaging across Europe.

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Ice Cream Packaging Trends Sustainability and Convenience