Knowledge management and organizational knowledge

If she shares the knowledge, she jeopardizes the size of her bonus, which is based on her comparative performance. Third Stage of KM: Taxonomy and Content Management The third stage developed from the awareness of the importance of content, and in particular the awareness of the importance of the retrievability of that content, and therefore the importance of the arrangement, description, and the syndetic structure of that content.

A short demonstration convinced him otherwise. A Knowledge Management Exchange Forum Despite technological advances and recent experience of firms in the implementation of knowledge management systems, the practice of KM remains more of an art than a science.

Deletion, of course, is not necessarily loss and destruction. Below is a list of the top internal and external strategies for effective knowledge management that we have identified.

knowledge management process

The strategies they discussed can be described as focused on 1 internal strategies aimed at identifying, capturing, and reusing the knowledge assets within the firm; and 2 external strategies aimed at building, measuring, and improving organizational KM competencies.

KM must manage organizational knowledge storage and retrieval capabilities, and create an environment conducive to learning and knowledge sharing. There must be a system whereby someone, typically someone in KM, is assigned the responsibility to do the debriefing, to separate the wheat from the chaff, to create the report, and then to ensure that the lessons learned are captured and disseminated.

Types of knowledge management

The central point is that the first stage of KM was about how to deploy that new technology to accomplish more effective use of information and knowledge. That CoP was encouraged to include and seek out not only participants and employees from the World Bank and its sponsored projects and from the country where the relevant project was being implemented, but also experts from elsewhere who had expertise in building roads in arid conditions, such as, for example, staff from the Australian Road Research Board and the Arizona Department of Highways. For a wonderful graphic snapshot of the content management domain go to realstorygroup. Traditional management consultants may be insufficient because they lack the appropriate expertise needed to address KM issues. Establish informal conferences or technical forums, where colleagues are able to demonstrate the latest knowledge management tools and discuss the implications, consequences, and benefits of knowledge management tactics and strategies. We shall finally, discuss how the proposed KM-BI model may be used to assist an organization to become a knowledge-enabled organization. Several commercial software packages to match queries with expertise are available. However, this procedure needs to be in place before things start to look stale, and a good taxonomically based retrieval system needs to be created.

If the sales rep were to explain to the physician that the therapy should be conveyed to the caregiver as the pill and a glass of orange juice taken simultaneously at breakfast, then there was no dissatisfaction and sales were fine.

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Managing Organizational Knowledge