Keeping your faith in bad times

Keeping faith in hard times quotes

But what about periods of prolonged suffering or surprise attacks? Acknowledge this and permit yourself to feel the sadness loss may bring. I felt the Spirit guide me to tell him that I did not know the answer but that I would study and pray about it. Yes, seventeen very long months of no income. The tough times will hit us, but we are living for something bigger. Brothers and sisters, let us allow the Word of God to become the very energy in boosting our faith. After 3 days in the ICU, we were suddenly introduced to his new life of counting carbs, testing his blood sugar several times a day, glucose injections and more pills than I could count. I did not always have the answers, but I had a testimony that the Lord knew the answers and that the answers would be revealed to me if I sought them.

You move from the difficulty of the situation, to see God's love, power and faithfulness. Your testimony will encourage others because they will see how God brought you through hard times into a good place.

holding onto god in difficult times

I did not always have the answers, but I had a testimony that the Lord knew the answers and that the answers would be revealed to me if I sought them. In the end, you can bounce back from adversity because your faith in God took you through. And we have been unemployed for over 17 months now.

Keep your faith in god during hard times

Are you guilty of this too from time to time? When I was in high school I worked as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. Getting him to and from therapy while finding childcare and rides for my other 3 kids was extremely taxing in itself. More than anything, I pray that these stories will encourage you to discover a personal relationship with Jesus , since knowing God is the best way to find hope and joy through trials. Prayer: "Father God, I thank you for your goodness in my life. We had just noticed his extreme weight loss and extreme thirst. But that growth only came because I chose to spend time studying the Bible each day, trusting that God would give me the insight I needed. When you praise him, you recognize his goodness in all seasons. That is the learning pattern the Lord has given us. I felt like a zombie many days as I spent every last ounce of energy trying to keep life going for our all four of the kids who of course still needed my constant attention. Afterward, he was assigned to a special therapy 3 days a week for 4 hours at a time at a location over an hour from our home.

Let praise and thanksgiving flow from your heart, for God is good! I tried to work out the conflict in my mind, formulating various scenarios that would explain what I had read.

bible stories about trusting god in difficult times

But the problem is that the longer we hang out here the more familiar the thoughts become. Talk about trusting God for provision!

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How to Keep Faith in Tough Times