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Approximately workers team up to keep the Georgetown Mill safely operating at peak efficiency 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. This piping upgrade was in response to recommendations stemming from an internal safety review. The Georgetown Mill has had no accidents incidents in the last five years that resulted in injuries or property damage. The logo features the letters "I" and "P" which form a stylized arrow also resembling a tree surrounded by a circle. In , the I. Our policy states that "the company will avoid causing any significant adverse effects on public healt h or the environment in which it operates. The company produces writing, printing, and copier papers and paper boards for foreign and domestic markets. The Georgetown County Fire Department provides backup resources if needed. Chlorine dioxide is utilized at the site to bleach pulp. In , Ms.

Challenges of an electronic world[ edit ] Under pressure from budget sequestration inthe federal government of the United States IP's largest customer has moved from physical checks to cheaper electronic transactions.

Jim Owens resigned as Tournament Director after the Tournament.

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InMs. The Georgetown Mill completed safety enhancements in and implemented piping upgrades in the chlorine dioxide plant during the first quarter of Init purchased Federal Paper Board.

Chlorine dioxide is utilized at the site to bleach pulp. Inthe I.

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At the time of sale, Temple-Inland's corrugated packaging operation consisted of 7 mills and 59 converting facilities as well as the building products operation.

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