Impact of organization culture on the motivation of employees

impact of organizational culture on employee performance pdf

This system of shared meanings is, upon closer examination, a set of key characteristics that the organisation values.

In this research, he found that long term financial performance is linked with the decision making and work design of an organisation. According to Kumar and Robbinsresearch suggested seven characteristics that, in aggregate, capture the essence of organisational culture.

In order to measure performance, capital, market and financial indicators were taken into consideration.

impact of organizational culture on employee performance research paper

Culture serves as a sense-making and control mechanism that guides and shapes the attitudes and behaviours of employees Kumar, N The guy at the top has to believe in it, has to bring the managers together to create a recognition culture.

They carried the study in a slightly different way by proposing a model, using various latent variables to measure organisational culture.

Impact of organization culture on the motivation of employees

You work because you enjoy it. Organisational culture plays a significant role in an organisation regarding how people feel about their work, levels of motivation, commitment, and in turn job satisfaction. Supervisors and managers are responsible for achieving the goals of the organization through leading the performance or efforts of their employees which is possible if the employees are motivated. Along with the research in the areas like HRM and organisational behaviour, employee motivation has become a fascinating topic Gunkel, So the starting point according to him is organisational culture. In such organisations, central powers figure manipulates all the activities of the organisation. This is the basis of ToMo where it is crucial to believe in what is indulged in by the working.

This model came from studies of IBM and was first published in Black, This helps employees feel important and relevant as they see their role in the welfare of the company which they had an active part in.

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Organisational culture and Employee Motivation