How to write a conclusion for a research paper sample

You can do it in the conclusion section. Any conclusion consists of a few elements, so you can choose different approaches depending on your agenda and the paper type.

Instead, parents should focus on teaching responsibility to their naughty children. What is the Conclusion of an Essay? Don't allow it to be an after-thought to a paper you want to get off your plate.

conclusion of research methodology

Hercules was not accompanied by Atlanta or Daedalus, the authors did not mention Perseus who played a significant role in the destiny of Hercules, and there is also no love story between the hero and Psyche in the myth.

The author's enthusiasm for the topic is obvious throughout the book. On the other hand, if your paper addresses some important social issues, the conclusion will only benefit from your thoughts about the possible use of your research and important needs in this area.

They will give you an idea of how this section should look like and you can simply adjust the one you like to your own needs.

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Research Papers: How to Write a Conclusion