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Forster, 'Notes on the English Character', The idea is that you continue to use this pattern until you have completely developed the main idea of the paragraph. After finishing this passage, I was left not with a feeling of closure, but with a feeling of lingering doubt and wonder.

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Forster - A Passage to India by E. It portrays a scene where one of the main characters, Tereza, is in front of a mirror and finds herself dealing with the conflict between identity and image. In his novel A Passage To India, Forster explores the relationship between and within the Anglo-Indian and Native-Indian communities under British Imperialism and expounds on the sins which its members commit against the humanistic values of sympathy and understanding.

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An "us versus them" attitude is exemplified in Forster's representation of The Other. Because of the lack of necessary documents, it is hard to tell the exact number of Africans taken from their homeland.

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What is the role of dialogue or description? On one level, spirituals referenced heaven, Jesus, and the soul, but on another level, the songs spoke about slave resistance. What is the significance of the key words or motifs? In such novels, there is a tendency to lack a chronological or even logical narrative and there are also frequent breaks in narratives where the perspectives jump from one to another without warning. Structure: The poem is in a stanzaic form of four stanzas of six lines each. Is the theme typical of the story as a whole? It can be a descriptive word. First impression: The poem is extremely euphonic and uses quite a bit of pleasant imagery. Studying Texts in the Original Language For students reading texts in the original, points about content can be made without always giving the words in the original language, e. Are there a lot of adjectives or verbs? Problem: transitions are needed within the paragraph You are probably familiar with the idea that transitions may be needed between paragraphs or sections in a paper see our handout on transitions. At this point, you can remind your reader about the relevance of the information that you just discussed in the paragraph. The poem deals with an extended figure which may be considered an apostrophe.

This simple but illustrative passage from The Sound of Waves altogether creates an enhanced experience and familiarity with the backdrop and atmosphere of the passage Moore plays in the plot of A Passage to India.

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