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While the constitution will not prevent conflict entirely, it provides guidance and mechanisms as to how conflict can be most efficiently resolved.

These results confirm that intensive discussions in an environment viewed as safe, leads to a high degree of trust, openness, and attachment. As a rule: the higher the number of shareholders, the more important a family constitution becomes.

Yet while such topics sound straightforward, issues such as how much compensation family members are entitled to can quickly become a focus of dispute.

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It is important that when the time comes to draft the constitution the family has a clear idea of the goals of the business, the roles of the family members and the internal structures of the family business.

Some may be involved through a well-functioning flow of information or others through being able to contribute in foundations or family days.

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What are the long term goals of each member of the family? The process for resolving disputes between the family members which concern the business.

Over the years, David has shared his insights and expertise on numerous occasions that have proven to be invaluable. A family constitution should be reviewed and adjusted regularly, after all shareholder structures and economic conditions can change.

How is executive performance measured — what are the benchmarks?

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What is the compensation policy for family shareholders not active in the business? Then, Dong-bin has fired his father as general chairman of the Japanese holding comp. You are a brilliant man with a super-natural ability to weed thought the facts and non-facts , cutting right to the core of the issues being presented. Rules for the disclosure and exchange of information between family members both employed and not employed by the family business and the confidentiality of that information. Common examples of such documents are shareholders agreements, confidentiality agreements, and documents concerning conflict resolution. Should ownership shares be given to non-family executives? Without such a document, entrepreneurial founders take from the business what they need and appoint whom they like, but once multiple family members enter, problems may well start to arise. In addition, the mere existence of the constitution may reduce disputes as there is less likely to be confusion and ambiguity in how the business should be run.

Everyone might not get exactly what they want, but it will definitely make business sense and be as fair as fair can be.

Quite fascinating, actually.

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The benefits of a family constitution