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Now the question is, does Starbucks fulfill these duties? It is because competition has increased manifold and every customer is valuable. Far from being a typical corporate overhaul in which investments are cut, jobs are lost, and goals are shuffled but not reimagined, Schultz and his team "made what many believed to be a controversial decision to invest in our people. From supply chain to HR management and in other areas too including marketing, there is a need for businesses both small and large to follow ethical practices. Supply chain and supplier relationships must not remain limited to just a formal give and take relationship. We need sustainable communities on this side of the world as well as in developing countries. The mighty corporate beasts can deliver substantial scale and impact: Starbucks will now be helping more than , coffee farmers and their communities.

While this creates trust, it also minimizes issues which could otherwise create difficulties. Rather than hunting around for an available power outlet, they can seamlessly charge their device while enjoying their favorite food or beverage offering right in our stores," said Adam Brotman, chief digital officer at Starbucks, in a press release.

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In the twenty first century government and a number of watchdog agencies have been keeping a keen eye on businesses that try to engage in unethical practices. The duty to help protect people from such deprivation 3. However, it has been more than 15 years now and the brand has seen a lot of success in these years.

A cynic could allege that Starbucks developed its social conscious as a clever way to justify higher prices for its products. It is because competition has increased manifold and every customer is valuable.

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This leviathan of the coffee shop market markets itself very explicitly as an ethical corporation. It is why the best brands are always ethical towards their customers and would not treat a single one unfairly. Facebook has also proved an effective medium for Starbucks to communicate with its customers and handles customer complains and issues proactively there. The duty to help protect people from such deprivation 3. Well trained employees are like an asset and businesses have to care for their well being. Mind you, the rhetoric has stepped up another gear too, with a massive multimillion-pound ad campaign launched to squeeze out as much ethical mileage as possible. These recognitions show that Starbucks is an attractive employer. Once again, it would be easy to write this off as corporate happy talk, but outside of hand-crafted mom-and-pop cafes, there's no third place like a Starbucks. Starbucks is a premium brand that charges premium prices of its products. The focus of its mission statement is also the customer — each individual customer. The Mission statement of Starbucks is : To inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time. Elliot Schrage, in a article for HBR notes that when the anti globalization activists singled out Starbucks for trying to exploit the third world farmers, Starbucks took it as a challenge to its reputation and image.

Starbucks has excelled other food and beverages brand in this area and it has major benefits for the brand as well.

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Starbucks Business Ethics Case Study