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Glassine envelopes are made of a special thin, see-through paper that protects stamps from grease and air.

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Always go for the stamps, which are in the best possible condition. Now look at the back of the stamp and see whether there is a thin spot in the paper?

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Today, many definitives still depict people although recently the U. Although this duty had been in effect in England for over half a century and was already in effect in several colonies in the ? This is called topical collecting. Stamps also have been issued for a number of other special services, including Registration and Parcel Post. Since the first known commercial stamp album was published in , the stamp hobby has grown tremendously, and many types of albums have become available. Other innovations eventually followed; airmail stamps, used for letters carried especially by air, were first issued by Italy experimentally in , with the first regular issue put out by the United States in While the general guidelines for distinguishing definitives and commemoratives are still useful, exceptions to these guidelines have become more common.

Building a comprehensive stamp collection may require a basic education in philatelic literature to assess the worth in its current form. Commemorative stamps: these stamps are normally twice the size of the definitive stamps.

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Float the stamps in the bowl with the picture side up. This is called topical collecting.

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You can also ask your friends and family to save stamps from their mail for you. Now look at the back of the stamp and see whether there is a thin spot in the paper? It is a serious hobby for some and they might even hold exhibitions of their prized collections. One interesting topic of study in this branch focuses on design mistakes like wrong pictures for example, a US stamp meant to honor Bill Pickett , design alterations e. Definitives are generally described as small in size, plain in design and can be issued at the first-class rate or in different denominations to pay for different rates or to be used as makeup postage for when the rates go up. You may damage the stamp otherwise. You will also come to know about the values of used and unused stamps from it. Special stamps: generally these stamps are larger in size and issued at general rates. Is the stamp clean, dirty or stained? He stands amid a motley sea of color, great splashes of vermillion and ultramarine and yellow ochre hiding the tarp on the studio floor. A stamp catalog can prove really helpful as a reference book with illustrations to help you identify stamps. They noted the different shades and designs, different schemes of water-colour, different border-marks of stamps. The Joy of Stamp Collecting Stamp collecting is a joyous pastime that offers the philatelist a chance to learn a little bit about art, history, and foreign places. This was all a result of the Stamp Act.

Commemoratives are usually printed in much smaller quantities, compared to billions of definitives.

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