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The firm is left with nominal management -- form without substance, positions without power. There is, however, no obvious, or "one best solution" to the question of what structure and management processes make sense for them.

Problems of Management Mergers and acquisitions have created firms, and according to my observance, several hundred partners are not uncommon and, size and growth have many advantages, they have also created new management problems in both the structure of the firm the number and type of management positions and the systems and procedures required for effective firm functioning recruitment, selection, training, development, performance evaluation, compensation, information and billing systems Avolio, Beckhard's article on "The Confrontation Meeting" illustrates how key managers can be required to attend a meeting and discuss change-related issues in a planned sequence.

As is often noted "professionals can't be driven, they have to be led -- or they don't follow" The Leadership Requirements In the professional firm, both management and leadership, which require different skills and abilities, are required.

On the contrary same fact has been delivered by the management experts that if any kind of change is demanded only in upper hierarchy level, where top level employees understand the urgency of change for their growth and benefits, the organization should adopt the laissez faire style of leadership.

The Need for Choice There is no one best solution for the problem of management in the professional firm. Journal of European Industrial Training. This essay is an example of a student's work Disclaimer This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.

Organizations are living social organisms, and need a link between them to survive; the leadership provides that link, Organizational outcomes and the leadership of an organization is the fundamental support of an institution and will fail without a strong one, Sturm sates that organizational outcomes are critical business strategies, goals, missions, and outcomes.

Organizational members are encouraged to develop their own analyses of the data, presented in the form of case materials, survey findings, or data reports.

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Leadership and Change