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The methodology was to systematize the contributions as they were reflected in journals, scientific articles, conference papers, and different reliable online sources. It must be noted due to the global scenario that increasing money supply causes inflation and house prices to increase.

Increased sales require more assets, which can be financed by new debt, external equity, and internal equity through retained earnings. The Government of Malaysia recognizes that housing is a basic need for every citizen.

This result is www. All selected papers have followed an empirical approach to address research issues, and are segregated in five parts. The business ecosystem perspective allows to better highlight the adaptive and evolutionary nature of local systems in front of the changing external environment and dynamics on national and international markets.

That is, housing estimation increases the value of the dwellings owned by the bank.

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According to Kearlan increase in inflation front loads real payments on a long-term fixed-rate mortgage, and thus reduces the quantity of housing. It is very clear that, in order to achieve higher profitability, the risk one has to take is also higher.

So, banks are willing to lend more to the public. The rural tourist offer is complemented by the variety of gastronomy, which benefits from the rich offer of products from the natural environment of the Baltic countries.

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The JPPH plays an important role in providing reliable, timely and professional services in the development of the country as an advisor to the Government relating to property and as a consultant to the Government in providing a property consultant service, as well as assisting the Ministry of Finance in the implementation of policies related to property, collecting, publishing and disseminating property information, providing training related to property valuation and carrying out research and development in the field of real estate. Our research is based on two hypotheses: 1 the analyzed companies have a constant growth and the growth is sustainable and 2 the main factor that is influencing SGR is the retention rate. Each of the seven components of quality management, policy, objectives, planning, implementation, control, improvement, and commitment of human resources, is influenced by the size, category, and environment of the hospital. There have been singled out positive and negative aspects of these techniques and on the basis of that we have proposed some methodologies that help to identify potential customers for a specific product with the use of integrated events to promote products. The paper provides empirical results that the gross domestic product GDP , population and RPGT are the key determinants of housing prices. Granger, C. Most people are wondering such a high annual increases in house prices is totally out of sync with annual income increases in the general population. According to them, terraces increase when the GDP is growing. House and land prices are spiraling and even middle class Malaysian are facing difficulties to own a home. Over the past ten years, the residential property market in Malaysia has experienced a significant price expansion throughout Malaysia, involving higher rates Table 1. In the paper, it is concluded that the Balkan countries are converging among themselves and toward the EU, but the speed of convergence is moderated with the hit of global crises, and the recovery seems still difficult to the rate of precrises. The Malaysian housing environment is different from that in some developed countries, as in Malaysia lower-income earners are not provided with social security and they are required to find their own accommodation. Therefore, the former system must be replaced by an Industrialized Building System IBS that will bring advantages in terms of productivity, indoor quality, durability and cost Incredible Expanding Mindfuck, According to Goodhart and Hofmann , mutually reinforcing boom—bust cycles in housing and credit markets may occur, which enhance the probability of a future financial crisis.
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