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Move mindfully and be aware of the tools around you. Linemen work outdoors in all kinds of weather.

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Participants learn how to maintain old wire, string new wire, explore the processes for installation, maintenance of insulators as well setting poles and towers to retain electrical wire. While you likely have multiple people working with you, that does not mean you are working as a team. They must climb poles and may need to work underground. Many also work for building equipment contractors and utility companies. They also need to have physical strength, troubleshooting and mechanical skills, and color vision to work safely and effectively. After identifying where the problem lies, they will then proceed to fix the damage. Training[ edit ] Becoming a lineworker usually involves starting as an apprentice and a four-year training program before becoming a "Journey Lineworker".

A brief drive to electrify some railroads on the East Coast of the US led to the development of specialization of linemen who installed and maintained catenary overhead lines.

Job Description Electrical linemen are responsible for putting up power lines, doing work to keep them maintained and performing repairs. However, helpers are there to provide assistance by doing the responsibilities that can be done from below.

Electrical lineman

Common tasks for electrical linemen include driving to the worksite, connecting new power lines or restoring fallen ones to buildings, performing tests on electrical equipment to find what causes problems and replacing blown transformers. For power line workers, the number of jobs is projected to grow by 14 percent, while jobs for telecommunications linemen is expected to be about 1 percent. As you get three to four years of work experience, you can progress to being a journeyman lineman with more flexibility in where you work. Between the heights and the strength of the electrical currents, electrical linemen put their lives on the line each day they go to work. The occupation evolved during the s and s with expansion of residential electrification. With the use of hand tools and equipment, they may also do this to connect cables to overhead transmission lines and street light lines, among others. Electrical lineman can also perform splicing and soldering operations to attach cables together. High voltage transmission lines can be worked live with proper setups.

Coyne College has more than years of experience in helping transform students with dreams into qualified, skilled trade professionals. Many power linemen during that period traveled around the country following jobs as they became available in tower construction, substation construction, and wire stringing.

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They gain technical skills through an extended apprenticeship and follow procedures to work safely in their-often hazardous work. Education Requirements The path to working as an electrical lineman begins with being at least 18 years old and having a high school diploma, some math background and a driver's license.

It is a joint partnership between Odessa College and Oncor.

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Such work is often done by helicopter by specially trained linemen. The best electrical linemen have a passion for lineman work. How to Become a Lineman Becoming a lineman does not require a college degree, but employers look for knowledge of electrical systems or electronics. For cables that need to be placed underground, electrical linemen are responsible for cutting the trenches with the use of cable plows and trenchers. The electrical construction and maintenance program, on the other hand, can be finished in 42 to 56 weeks, depending on whether you take day or night classes. Enroll in an electrical trades program near you today. The next step is signing up for a lineman apprenticeship program. Only the linemen can attach wires to and from poles or do the work involving electrical circuits. Some line installers and repairers work with telecommunications systems. Lineman cannot be color blind because many electrical wires are color coded to distinguish their usage.

However, telecommunications cables and equipment are often placed below ground. They follow electrical diagrams to prevent making mistakes in this regard.

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The film Slim , starring Henry Fonda , based on the novel. Licensing is not mandatory, but certifications from organizations like the Electrical Training Alliance in specialty areas can be helpful. Job Description Electrical linemen are responsible for putting up power lines, doing work to keep them maintained and performing repairs. An electrical lineman's salary changes, based on experience, such as whether the lineman is still in an apprenticeship, and the physical work setting has an impact, as well. Often working for energy companies such as Duke Energy, Pacific Gas and Electric, or Georgia Power, electrical linemen work to set up access to electricity in buildings by putting up power lines; performing routine maintenance; and also providing immediate help when a storm or malfunction causes power to go out. History[ edit ] The occupation began with the widespread use of the telegraph in the s. They are skilled technicians who construct and maintain the complex networks that bring electricity to homes and buildings.
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