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Although Step Brothers shows that traveling into the universe is non ever necessary.

He is working class and has never been to university, like Rita before she goes to she Frank. Russell wanted to contrast the working class values of Rita with the middle class academic ones. The play, which is set in the early s, deals with the clashes between education and culture She wants a better life for herself; she wants to have an education. At the start of the play, Frank is a more relaxed character. From what Rita says, they seem to get on well enough, but Denny doesn't understand her wish to be educated. Both protagonists experience the change of moving into a new life; however they are met with different consequences. Rita is forced to go forth him and this is one effect which she must confront in her pursuit for a new life. Rita is a literature student at the Open University.

Denny wants Rita to have a baby but Rita is on a pill to stop from having a baby, but Denny does not know about it, but then finds out later in the play. Do you think Willy Russell has made his opening dramatic and entertaining. The play begins by introducing the two main characters, Frank and Rita.

He is deeply flawed, and such flaws impede him from turning his life into something more productive and meaningful.

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Rita wants to be educated she decides to take an Open University course. This she believes will greatly increase the horizons of her life and remove some of the limitations that she feels are imposed upon her The rigidity of the curriculum, of the behavior of professors and students, of the norms and mores, is strongly pronounced.

When he discovers that Rita has secretly been taking the pill to stop herself becoming pregnant, he blames her behaviour on her desire to 'better' herself and burns her books.

Rita comes from an uneducated working class background.

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For example, he reads a large range of traditional, old fashioned books by Eliot, Emerson, Euripides, and Dickens. How does Willy Russell suggest that these scenes are important stages in Rita's development. Not only is she educated in English Literature to gain a qualification, but also she is also educated to make the transition from the lower social class towards the middle one Rita forces herself to change and realises the damage she causes to herself, acting as someone she isn't.

He believes that her changes are implicit critiques of his life.

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