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From the time of the Spanish conquistadors coming in search of gold and everlasting youth, there has been a mystique about the land to which Amerigo Vespucci gave his name. What makes something immoral but the mere fact that we deem it immoral? Sadly, there is no answer to this question. Walter is frustrated because he cannot ever achieve this goal, head of the house; his dream is thwarted by Mama because she takes authority more than Walter. And it is with this that playwrights Hansberry and Miller balance the notion of an evil capitalistic America, and the plays transform into a deeper study of family dynamics and morals in the midst of struggle and adversity. Willy does the ultimate sacrifice because he believes that Biff has a better chance to succeed with the money. The entire family was affected in their own way. The insurance money has the ability to alleviate the problem of being static. Lorraine Hansberry shows that in addition to the issues of race and gender, the Youngers A raisin in the sun words - 3 pages A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is a dramatic play written in This implies, therefore, that Ruth identifies wealth as a vital characteristic. Now Willy from Death of a Salesman betrayed his family by firstly, having an affair while he was suppose to be making sales and supporting his family. At some point, they both have to face and understand the truth about their lives.

After witnessing such a powerful yet melancholy piece of theater work, words seemed inappropriate. Mays, Kelly J.

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They gave their Other Popular Essays. Willy chose a different path and well, you know what happened to him. With the crazy father, enabling mother, egotistical son, and the forgotten other, it is often a struggle to live in the same house. Perhaps with this peculiarity identified we may begin to define who we are, and why. Although they may seem normal, they actually have many problems and differences that set them apart from other families and each other. The Youngers receive a life insurance check for 10, dollars. Now Willy from Death of a Salesman betrayed his family by firstly, having an affair while he was suppose to be making sales and supporting his family. For more information on choosing credible sources for your paper, check out this blog post.

If we disregard religion, where do we derive the dictates of our conduct? All the while, Happy lifts himself up, essentially trying to extenuate his failure.

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Hansberry shows the struggles and difficulties that the family encounters due to discrimination. Slaves wanted freedom; the next thing for them to want would be independence in order to ensure their happiness.

However, each play is very different in addressing issues such as race and feminism. Walter, the main character, is forced to deal with most of the issues himself. What brings people together is love and compassion for one another not how much money you have or how big your house is or what name brand you are wearing.

Scott Fitzgerald, gender has a large impact on Myrtle, Gatsby, and Jordan in their pursuit of prosperity. These guys in control don't care about us, they are just of bunch of bloodthirsty blood hounds only promising change if its in their benefit. A Raisin in the Sun begins with a faint little light, filtering through the kitchen window.

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The Strength of Family in Death of a Salesman and A Raisin