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Any subject. The two would be considered both philosophers and psychologists. This sentence demonstrates to the reader that although her job brings in enough money to support her, Sonya gives her money to her family and keeps only enough to feed and clothe herself, sacrificing even simple items of luxury and pleasantry.

Dostoevsky is saying that Raskolnikov is not the only victim of a flawed society. This motive is utilitarian.

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Each person is an element that facilitates efficient functioning of the social environment, while it, in its turn, provides particular benefits to its members, that is why establishing a harmonious relationship between the individual, and the society is crucial. That is why he compared himself to Napoleon, turning his crime into an idealistically committed murder. Though Raskolnikov spends most of the novel in a decidedly non-heroic state, his keen, searching conscience allows him to attain grace in the closing epilogue and he ends the novel a hero. That is just human nature. With the help of her spiritual guidance he realizes that the only proper and moral way was the way of metamorphosis — the return to the world of ordinary people. This motive is the social justification from poverty. The resolute loner even declares his love for the steadfast Sonya, an act of pure faith from a man who has despised marriage for so long. His rejecting attitude towards the surrounding people is spectacularly exemplified in his theory of social hierarchy. The status of Russian women enrages him and his heart aches for Sonya, who prostitutes herself to feed her family. Tamara Johnson. Raskolnikov kisses the ground as Sonia pleads him to do Dostoevsky

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. According to Braun and Langman, alienation has the lack of fulfillment as its the most distinctive trait.

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He stirs us intellectually and emotionally; he deepens our understanding of others and of our own individual lives. The justification for his killing was not one he subscribed to.

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