Creative writing topics for college level

What are causes of technological advancements in Japan? Poker Face: Write about playing a card game. Write about why you would or would not like to visit that place. Natural Wonders of the World: Choose one of the natural wonders of the world. Limerick: Write a limerick today.

The story starts when a kid comes out of the school bathroom with toilet paper dangling from his or her waistband.

5 minute writing prompts

Copycat: Borrow a line from a famous public domain poem to craft your own. Sharing: Write about sharing something with someone else.

Light Switch: Write about coming out of the dark and seeing the light. Greed: Write about someone who always wants more — whether it be money, power, etc. How technology development affects the state of nature?

Creative writing prompts for adults

Use those words to craft a poem. Changing Places: Imagine living the day as someone else. Telephone: Write about a phone call you recently received. Video Inspiration: Go to Vimeo. Fashion: Go through a fashion magazine or browse fashion websites online and write about a style you love. Oh so Lonely: Write a poem about what you do when you are alone — do you feel lonely or do you enjoy your own company? Eco-friendly: Write about going green or an environmental concern you have.

Dirty: Write a poem about getting covered in mud. Use these 5 words in your story, poem, or journal entry.

fun creative writing prompts

Write about a flower that grows in an unusual place. The Stars: Take inspiration from a night sky.

Journal topics for college students

But just about everyone has been there—sitting in front of a blank screen, fingers itching to create a masterpiece. Natural Wonders of the World: Choose one of the natural wonders of the world. Banking: Write about visiting the bank. The protagonist is about to drift off to sleep only to be roused by the spontaneous memory of an embarrassing moment from his or her past. Shipwrecked: Write about being stranded somewhere — an island, a bus stop, etc. Limerick: Write a limerick today. Animals: Choose an animal. Frame It: Write a poem or some phrases that would make for good wall art in your home. Garage: Write about some random item you might find in a garage. Admiration: Is there someone you admire? For each category, give as many options as you can think of and number them all. Chalkboard: Imagine you are in a classroom. You will be surprised at how creative you are when you actually read your own journal one month later.
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25 Creative Writing Prompts