Compare and contrast professiona and amateur

Professionals grow after failure.

Pro vs am

A professional golfer could never do this. Free newsletter : Get practical ideas based on proven science, art and philosophy to achieve more with less effort, harness your creativity and become better at what you do. The answer would probably look a lot like a recent blog post from Farnam Street. I keep a hotel room in which I do my work—a tiny, mean room with just a bed, and sometimes, if I can find it, a face basin. Also, have a predetermined rate sheet that you can easily refer to if you need to come up with a price on the spot. Professionals have a process. Professionals understand their circles of competence. Professionals treat success like a marathon and not a sprint.

Amateurs try to avoid failure at all costs. Professionals have a process.

Compare and contrast professiona and amateur

What should you do with this information? Amateurs think reality is what they want to see.

What makes a person a professional

But each of these findings seems like just one piece of the puzzle. Amateurs see feedback and coaching as someone criticizing them as a person. Amateurs believe that the world should work the way they want it to. Professionals and Amateurs in Software Development The difference between professionals and amateurs shows up on software teams in the team members who only do the portions of the job they like. Have a quote and contract for every job. Thou shalt commit to a schedule. Amateurs think reality is what they want to see. Just like any new habit, your willpower and ability to delay gratification will also affect your consistency levels. Professionals have a process. What Do You Think?

Professionals focus on the long term. Amateurs focus on identifying their weaknesses and improving them. But it's not appropriate all the time.

difference between professional and nonprofessional

Amateurs show up inconsistently. Professionals make decisions as individuals and accept responsibility.

professional differences meaning

A professional golfer could never do this. Professionals accept responsibility.

Be a pro

In the comments section below, please share your thoughts. Well-researched articles: Read my best articles on productivity, habits, creativity and decision-making. The professional shows up seven days a week. Often that means taking the time to have conversations about the tasks at hand or taking on some of the less desirable parts of the work. Amateurs value isolated performance. Amateurs focus on being right. Professionals show up every day. The answer to this dilemma lies within the difference between amateurs and professionals.
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The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals