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These don't count Superfund sites. There are so many different instances wherein floods are known to damage the whole area and bring massive loss of life and property as well.

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However, there have been occurrences of the flood which have caused massive destruction and hence are termed as the deadliest floods. Flood incidences have increased due to global warming. It submerges the area with water. One of the deadliest floods in recent times was the flood in Gujarat in the year in the Machhu Dam-II. It is for own good and for the benefit of future generations that we all do our bit to protect the life on earth from the backlash of nature. Most larger rivers include a series of dams to help manage large amounts of rainfall, and most river systems are managed by government authorities. Re-building of affected areas takes a lot of time and money. The second cause of flood is Global Warming. Floods can be avoided by improving the soil conditions thereby allowing easy water absorption. If there is too much rain in a certain area, the sewer will start flooding and backup and water will start to flow on the street. Flooding here builds up slowly but causes more damage because more land is affected.

At least 13 counties were declared a major disaster area. Many lives are lost. Flood barriers can be used as a defense during Flood crisis. As a result, much of the cost of flooding is passed on to taxpayers. Trees and plants normally help absorb too much water.

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Global Warming and Floods: Another primary factor of Flood is increase in the atmospheric temperature i. To prevent that, global warming must be reversed. Here are eight of the most common causes of flooding, both natural and human-induced.

They are often connected with hydroelectric power plants. The added cost increased the national deficit and debt.

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To ensure the meteorological departments are well equipped to provide flood warnings to the indicated zones. Migrations from areas that are prone to floods is common, which results in overpopulation in urban areas. These are just a few examples of common causes of floods, but there does not need to be an incredible weather event for you to experience flooding at your home. An extent 9. Heavy rains: owing to climate changes, many a times, it so happen that it rains torrentially. Floods may occur due to overflow of water from the reservoirs or due to heavy down pour of rain in places where the drainage systems are not properly maintained. Sometimes, however, those authorities have to make tough decisions about how to operate dams. Global Warming and Floods: Another primary factor of Flood is increase in the atmospheric temperature i.

It is a natural calamity caused due to several factors. Surge flood are usually severe and massively destructive. The rain happened some time before the start of rainstorm season, getting numerous off guard.

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Cause and Effect Essay: Causes of Flood Essay Example