Cause and effect essay on shoplifting

The negative measures taken to deter shoplifting can impede employee instincts toward a positive and welcoming attitude with customers. Some people shoplift because they are unhappy with their lives and the small amount of excitement and release from getting away will brighten their day.

why you should not shoplift

I shoplifted because I thought that I could be the exception, if everyone followed the rules but me, nothing would be wrong. One of the biggest issues is how the children might be affected by all of this. Returning to their home before incarceration often is not an option.

Often when people are caught shoplifting they blame it on kleptomania or some other kind of psychological disorder. A small, scrawny man comes to collect you. This whole process has been eye opening, my close minded, idiotic way of thinking has been opened up and I now understand how terrible stealing really is, and there is no way that I will ever steal again.

All they have to do is waltz on in, take some items and maybe put them in their pockets, and then walk out the store. When caught the individual will be hurt by being put in jail, which can result in loss of jobs or loved ones, or they will have to pay a fine or do community service.

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Effects of Shoplifting in the Society Essay