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Additional Survey Resources. What is your household size?

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A marketing research also helps to determine whether the customers know your company and the product or service you provide. Our template will also help you learn what drives people toward a particular brand.

All the useful tips that can help you create an outstanding market analysis business plan are listed below. Build and manage your brand identity Find out how much customers—and non-customers—know about your brand. You'll also want to do your due diligence within your industry.

Cookware buyers may buy the products that offer the most effective nonstick surfaces, or those that give the most pans in a package for a given amount of money, or those that come in the most decorative colors.

But asking questions is only half the process. It also provides an avenue for planning and will help you identify potential competitors, risks, problems and even new opportunities. Open Ended Format Examples: What did you like about this event? Focus not only on your desired market size and the characteristics of your target market segment.

The reason to add some of your own unique material is that everyone using the software program is tapping into the same database and you want your business plan to differ from that of the last entrepreneur in your field.

Smart marketers use surveys to inform their marketing strategies.

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30+ Questionnaire Templates and Designs in Microsoft Word