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CEOs who ranked high on reliability employed several other tactics as well.

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You can go straight into a graduate program after finishing your bachelor's degree, but many aspiring leaders accumulate real-world work experience before pursuing additional education.

Highly adaptable CEOs regularly plug into broad information flows: They scan wide networks and diverse sources of data, finding relevance in information that may at first seem unrelated to their businesses.

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So you cannot be trained to be a CEO. You inspire, mentor, lead--and you protect.

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Back in , our team at ThirdLove built our own front end and back end for our website. Too many CEOs falter in the job; about a quarter of the Fortune chiefs who leave their firms each year are forced out. In parallel, we conducted more than 70 additional interviews with CEOs and board members to test our hypotheses and further understand what it takes to become a successful CEO and how boards really select CEOs. But such cases are relatively rare. Many executives serve as unpaid board members of nonprofit groups before taking the reins of a company as CEO. Praise must always be distributed for great work and you personally accept all errors in strategy, judgment or performance. You inspire, mentor, lead--and you protect. In addition, keep in mind that staying in one role for more than two or three years is not the best way to prepare for a CEO job. With dedication, perseverance, and hard work, you can work your way up the corporate ladder. One of the best ways to showcase your leadership qualities is by finding a way through an issue like a bankruptcy or an underperforming product. Be likeable. Published on: Mar 8, More from Inc.

Most CEOs are taught to foster good relationships with their own teams, but the most successful know the value of managing relationships of every level and direction. Contrary to what you might expect, not all of those who rise to the top do so without stumbling. It can seem awkward or uninformed to say, "This is how I feel about it," rather than relying on cold, hard data.

But it's important for me, and any CEO, to realize when it makes sense.

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They can develop a cohesive strategic plan. Unless you're founding your own company, it's extremely unlikely that you'll be considered for a CEO role if you don't have a degree. In addition, keep in mind that staying in one role for more than two or three years is not the best way to prepare for a CEO job. Simon—a high-potential executive we were asked to coach—was known as a miracle worker at his company. However, there is no positive correlation between a stock's performance and the announcement of a new CEO, per se. Possibilities include: Getting involved in student government Joining a debate team Becoming part of a young entrepreneurs club Leading a sports team Volunteering for a charity or nonprofit agency The idea is to pursue any activity that will expose you to the realities of running a business or organizing and managing people. Create a thriving organizational culture. Very few understand why or how to prevent it. Look for a position that presents opportunities for growth. And among a group of more than 2, CEOs across the U. Leaders must have a clearly defined plan that takes the business from where it is now to where it should be. That means who you are and what you do will always matter, so showcase the kind of message you want others to trust. Certainly, some chief executives have gotten where they are by forgoing formal education, working their way up from entry-level positions within their companies, and getting promoted based on experience. Developing a broad range of skills and expertise is important.
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4 Things That Set Successful CEOs Apart