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This has affected the purchasing power of consumers leading to decreased sales of Apple products.

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Provide system-level support of multi-user operating systems, hardware and software tools, including installation, configuration, maintenance, and support of these systems.

The founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, believes in funding and investment in new products and innovation even against the backdrop of a challenging economic climate.

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They provide visionary guidance to the organization in their field of expertise Storey, Unfortunately, it was smaller than either the business or home segments.

This strategy will enable the company to attract the best talents who are willing to take up the roles as opposed to pirate raiding.

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This strategy will enable the organization to retain some of its best talents since they will not be scared of the job during the first days at work. New challenge after a project is another key point of attraction. This is how Apple trains their employees to be creative and innovative. Remuneration Management Remuneration implies the pay packet given to any staff member for the work done by them, their efforts and services. This will enable it to extend its value proposition to offer rewards which are slightly higher than the competitors. However, soon after, the staff began to experience conflict with the independent dealers who still provided most of Apples revenue. In this, case the company does not support career path. Its impressive graphics and ease of use did not compensate business managers for its lack of power and software. It also evaluates the strategic human practices employed by the company and the possible recommendations that the enterprise should use to attract and retain talented employees. In this case, Apple Inc. As a result, IBM prices were forced down by cloning companies, which tended to charge less for their machines. The direct salespeople were accused of selling Macintoshes at lower prices than dealers, elbowing them out of markets. Internal Problems Disappointing market performance was attributed to internal problems. Apple has invested a lot in recruitment process with the primary objective of getting the right talents who can fit the organizational culture Storey,

The teams always compete to provide something new that is entirely different from the previous projects Storey, Kogan Page Publishers. The Hiring Unit has to bear the cost of all other advertising expenses. These representatives also sold the products of other manufacturers.

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